Rebecca BraunLeona was recommended to me as a coach by a dear friend. She knew we would have an immediate connection upon meeting! I appreciate her irreverent approach and humorous feedback. With her coaching, I made numerous life-changing decisions … although I still don’t get my eight hours of sleep per night 🙂

Some of my favourite questions are:

  • What are you tolerating?
  • What is it costing you?
  • Why???

Leona is respectful of confidentiality, fun, smart, insightful, motivational and engaged!

I high recommend you work with her if you are enthusiastic about life, motivated to change and ready for an improved business and personal life.

Rebecca Braun

Michelle Scott ColemanI have recently begun my work with Leona after having the pleasure of being a colleague and friend for a few years. I have always been drawn to her vibrant, passionate and true grit authenticity coupled with her ability to hold space that is quiet and sacred one minute and off the wall goofball the next. This is who Leona is as a friend and as a remarkable coach – she is always holding you BIG and demanding you do the same. I am so grateful to have her as my coach, and in a few short sessions, I feel myself expanding into who I know I am becoming, and I know she’s flying right next to me!

Michelle Scott Coleman, CPCC, ACC, Professional Coach and Consultant

Working with Leona is a pure joy. She has awoken skills that help me articulate what I have known intuitively, helped me get focused on my true strengths (because it is far too easy to focus on strengths you only want to have!) and created plans with me to develop in the areas where I was not so strong. The biggest win in working with Leona is having her as a sounding board. She has been a wonderful cheerleader and helped me keep my sanity through a very tumultuous time in my professional life. It can be difficult to keep your head above the fray in business. I highly recommend working with Leona to anyone who wants to some perspective on becoming better professionally and personally.

Janice Harrington, Senior Vice President, Alberta Accountants

Over the past 7 months Leona has been my coach and mentor. I have learned so much about myself since I started being coached by her that I often wonder if I would have ever gotten there on my own. She has challenged me, encouraged me, valued me and my opinions, shown respect for my journey as well as been my biggest supporter. Nobody wants you more to succeed than Leona. She has that gift of being able to read you as a person and guiding you towards solutions that you know will work for you, and who you are. I have gained so much in these last months and have been able to turn my life around, but at my pace and my way. I would not be where I am today, emotionally, physically and financially, if it wasn’t for Leona’s sincere encouragement and support. Thank you for everything. I look forward to moving on to the next stage of my life, with you by my side as my biggest supporter and mentor.

Natalia V.

I’ve been coached by Leona for over a year, now. I was facing very significant challenges when I found her, and she has made a huge difference in the way I have faced these challenges. She has been very assertive, leading me to gain insights and look at things from a new perspective. During each and every session, she has effectively lead me to find within myself the answers I’ve been looking for. She has the ability to quickly identify the underlying issues, and ask the right questions to help me put things in perspective and realize what I could do differently. I have successfully moved forward and achieved great results, thanks to Leona’s couching. In addition, her kindness, dedication and professionalism have been very inspiring to me.

Daniel Garcia, Engineer

Before working with Leona as my Coach, I was filled with dreams, goals, ambitions and desires…most all of which lied dormant within me. I believe deep down in my heart, as much as I wanted to succeed at all that was within me…I was afraid to death that in all reality I didn’t have what it took…I didn’t possess that seemingly “successful gene” that the people I viewed as successful had. I can now truthfully say that I am well on my way to becoming and achieving whatever I set my mind too. I have accomplished goals, and realized my potential in areas of my life I never thought possible.

I have taken control of my finances, and feel more empowered than I ever have in my entire life regarding my financial situation. I am the co-creator of my wealth!!! This has been liberating, and has set me free from past “stinking thinking” and misconceptions, and beliefs that I’ve carried with me since child hood regarding money/wealth. All of this has happened for me through my coaching experiences with Leona!

The same can be said for my physical/health goals, I always had a desire to be one of those “early morning runners” J and all I really needed was someone to say “you really can do it!” and also to have that accountability with someone. I have mornings now where I get up at 3:30-3:45 to go for a run!!!

I have found through my coaching the more things I accomplish, the more I believe I can do! Those things that have seemed too unbelievable, are now believable, and within my reach. Dreams that I was even too shy to admit I have, are coming to the surface and Leona and I have a plan in place to make it happen!

My future is bright and promising, and without a doubt, this is due to my coaching sessions with Leona. Leona is engaging, trustworthy, and honest. Her approach is very respectful of your time, and she is able to clearly and precisely navigate the best use of your time together while achieving the highest possible results-you end your session with her feeling equipped with a clear outline on achieving whatever goals have been discussed.

Having, and KNOWING Leona is “in my corner” cheering me on, has been instrumental in my success. More powerful still, is I know that Leona believes in me, and I have come to realize that I believe in myself…nothing is stopping me from achieving success in every area of my life!

Vanisha Breault, Coordinator, Employment Services Staffing & Donations, The Drop in Centre

With Leona’s passion for wellness she will coach her clients ‘on the go’ and help them to also reach their fitness golas at the same time as regular coaching. She’ll go for a run, walk; whatever her clients desire

Annemarije van der Wal“Having never worked with a wellness/life coach before, I was not sure what to expect. From our first meeting in a coffee shop on a very cold winter night, I knew Leona could give me the push I needed to get myself back on track, emotionally as well as physically. Our first ‘training session’ was a run (read very slow jog) and Leona gently pushed and seriously inspired me with her kind yet firm words. I complained a lot! My goal was to be able to run the Mothers Day run and keep up with my 14 year old daughter and 77 year old mother! Leona helped me to reach my goal and I proudly crossed the finish line steps behind my mom. Shortly after I finished the run, I received a text from Leona asking how it felt to reach my goal… Thanks for the inspiration, Leona! And thank you for helping me create one of the best memories a daughter/mother could have.”

Annemarije van der Wal, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Working with Leona has been amazing! At the beginning of each session I felt like I had no idea where to even begin. Leona has a way of zeroing in on what my soul needed to deal with. Her gentleness and focus have helped me clear many issues that have been blocking me from living an abundant life. I cannot say enough about her. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Val V.

If you want to be coached by someone who is completely present to you and the moment, asks relevant and powerful questions to help you have more clarity, is both compassionate and laser-like in what is necessary to help you move forward. She sees your greatest possibilities as absolutely right and achievable by you , you want to be coached by Leona deVinne. I highly recommend her. She has helped me when I couldn’t see a way.


Very informative and a great topic (building resilience) An excellent presentation with humor and points the audience can relate too!.


Leona has a natural gift for speaking; calm, deliberate, confident, clear and concise-you gave me just what I needed to hear today!