Spreading Joy

We believe in giving back and spreading joy…some ways that we’ve done that was participating and volunteering in various events and activities in our community. We do so to spread joy, honor our value of generosity and provide our clients with ways to volunteer as well.

Team ZippersIn June we formed a team and ran in the Brain Tumor Run in support of the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada. Our team was called the “Zippers” as that’s what’s the staples look like down the back of the head after brain surgery :).brain surgery stitches This is a charity near to my heart as my mother died of a brain tumor and my son, brother and nephew all currently have brain tumors.

We were thrilled to do something positive and to band together and support those that have suffered from brain tumors. My daughter and I also ran in my own coach’s daughter’s socks as she recently was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and has valiantly fought her cancer.

Habitat for HumanityIn the fall we had an exciting chance to sponsor 2 build days with Habitat for Humanity. We were allowed to have 10 volunteers on site each day to help build houses for Habitat and donate our volunteer hours to soon to be home owner. What an amazing organization. We had a a lot of fun and learned some new construction skills as well. They’re always looking for volunteers; please consider volunteering your time to this worthy cause www.habitat.ca (in Canada)

In November we will be partnering with Samaritans Purse to put together some shoe boxes full of goodies to spread joy and love abroad, more on that to follow 🙂

Look for ways that you can volunteer and give back in your local community. Psychologists call altruism a form of wise selfishness as you get energized by helping others-that’s a win/win!!