Show up!

Show up!Huh? Show up?!

I’m here aren’t I?

“Showing up” isn’t just about being on time or being present – it’s so much more.

When we play small, don’t take risks, don’t speak our truth, we aren’t ‘showing up’

A friend asked me how she could support me around the time of my son’s recent surgery – all I said was

‘Just show up’

‘You want to say something – say it, you want to do something do it’

By her showing up, without asking me for permission, it was a huge gift for me and in return it gave me the courage to do the same.

This past week I was talking to my own coach and feeling tired and disengaged in meeting my targets for working on business development over the summer. (yawn)

We started to talked about what I really wanted in my life and business and I was getting jazzed up and excited (finding my joy spot! yummo)

She said ‘What’s it going to take for you to make this happen?’

I blurted out-

I have to show up! Pull up my socks and really show up (gulp)

Damn I hate these parallel processes sometimes – when you get smacked between the eyes with the truth you’re helping others see and it comes back to remind you too of what you need too.

Are you hiding?

Where are you not speaking up?

Is there something you’re longing to do and holding back?

Well here’s my truth – I’m dying to help people find more joy, one step at a time, by launching a wildly, successful, goofy, online Joy Sock store.

There you have it.

AND for every pair of socks sold, another pair of socks will be donated to people in need, locally and in developing countries so they can have some warmer, happier feet. ☺

I’m recommitting, every day, to “show up” This store is part of how I’m doing it.

Please join me!

If you knew you couldn’t fail – what would you try, say, do?

Do that thing! The world needs you to really show up – there’s a whole lot of joy on the other side as you walk in your truth and in turn you give people around you the courage to do the same.

We’re all here for a specific reason – don’t play small.

Love to hear how you’re showing up!

Leona deVinne

Want to help me spread some joy?

Get some great socks or some unique gift ideas (Christmas will be here before we know it!) and at the same time make some happy feet in a place that could really use it? Get some Joy Socks! (pass this message onto some people so they can help too ☺)

(If you want to donate some new, goofy socks – that works too. A great way to involve your office, family and friends! We will make sure they’re donated and make some feet very happy! Send me a note ☺)