Rising Strong Workshop

Based on the work of Brené Brown

Rising StrongTried something and failed?

Loved and lost?

Thought you had an innovative idea only to have it get shot down over and over?

This workshop will give you the tools to rise after a fall, learn from failure and recover from betrayal and hurt.
Learn the 3 keys, backed by 13 years of research, to bounce back after struggle. These tools can be implemented personally, and easily pass these skills onto your kids or use with your team or in your business.

By attending this Rising Strong course, based on the work of Brené Brown, you’ll learn how to recover from failure, rejection and hurt, in order to not be held back by your past and be willing to try again.

You’ll come away with the tools to courageously embrace setbacks, deal with challenging emotions, confront your own restricting ideas and create more resilience to life’s inevitable challenges.

Do you want to face challenges head on and recover from rough patches faster?

Please join the course to gain scientifically based, practical tools, to recover and thrive despite challenging circumstances.