Piss and moan with perspective…

piss-and-moanI’m talking about good ole complaining.

Complaining? Doesn’t seem very positive, very joyful or happy.

It’s not, but by not giving ourselves permission to get real if we’re struggling, we’re robbing ourselves of joy

Real joy is birthed in showing up authentically and living with purpose and perspective, it’s not about always feeling “happy”.

Our joy can actually be set aside when we aren’t being true to how we feel and what we’re going through.

If we squash the challenging emotions, we squash the positive ones as well.

We need to feel what we feel, not skirt around feeling crappy.

I love this idea, so often we think that to be truly evolved we won’t bitch and complain, and we’ll always look on the bright side. There’s been some great research that has shown that the most wholehearted and happy people complain, they grumble and moan but do so with perspective.

In coaching we use a skill called clearing that allows the client to vent, unedited, about something that’s on their mind, a stress, a tough relationship, whatever it might be. I let my clients know they have a couple of minutes to just let it all go – be pissed off, swear, say what they might love to say, but may not be appropriate and let loose.

I can actually feel the pressure being released and they gain a better perspective and can be proactive in doing something about their circumstance.

The perspective part is about not staying stuck in the dark, mucky, stressy stuff, but having an empathic ear can help us process that hard stuff and move forward, create a plan, be grateful for the little things; even in the hard places and move forward.

Something that’s been bugging you and you’re trying to be all positive and grateful about and the truth is you’re scared, pissed off, grumpy, overwhelmed…Find someone you can vent to.

Give yourself permission to piss and moan and then move on ☺

If you don’t have someone that would listen without judgement or trying to patch you up – call me I’d be happy to help you ☺ I offer 5-free 30 min coaching sessions a month…I promise you some deep, juicy, authentic joy on the other side (money back guarantee!)

Leona deVinne