Oh Crap!

Oh $#!&!!

I just had one of ‘those’ moments – I was going over the list of everything that I have to get done today and over the next few days and all of a sudden I realized I hadn’t written the blog that’s to go out next week and had a ‘moment’ 🙂 . First world problems, I know…but still.

I have quite a few of those moments, truth be told.

Productivity is, at times, one of my strong suits, but I certainly have my share of leaks in my ever evolving organizational systems. I get distracted, off course, have trouble prioritizing, chase sparkly things…ok a lot of sparkly things some days.

I think I have a disorder – you may have it too.

I call it:

ADD – Adult Distraction Disorder

Key symptoms:

  • Feeling the squeeze of time constraints
  • Chasing random ‘squirrels’ that appear in peripheral vision and suddenly become ‘priorities’
  • Lack of order and processes in place to handle onslaught of responsibilities
  • Start something and move onto the next without completing the first task
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of focus

Sound familiar?

distractedI came back from a run, this winter, and started peeling off my pants, answered an email when they were half off, even waddled into my office to grab something before I became aware of my ‘pants half down issue’ (sorry for the mental picture, I did have 2 pairs of pants on, it was freezing outside, before you panic – see photo). I looked down at one point to notice how distracted I had become in less than a minute…laughed and snapped the photo and promptly got distracted by something else – lol.

I often start one thing and don’t finish it, or I do the task in a vice of time constraints (I have a client in 10 min, while I blast this out – no joke ;))

Ok so now we know that we share some of the same issues…some remedies are as follows (we’re still working on a cure – that may take some time – don’t panic in the meantime ;)):

Hold on, there’s hope

Try even one of these this week and see what difference it makes:

  1. Schedule it 🙂 – my weak spot this past week, I failed to set a reminder of the task that I needed to complete and so here I am
  2. Complete it! Start a task and finish it – ignore those damn ‘squirrels’ and get ‘er done! (There’s joy in completing tasks)
  3. 4 D’s: Dump, Delegate, Defer, Delete – Dump everything that’s currently banging around in that popcorn maker brain, make a huuuggge looonng list, now go through it and decide what can be delegated, deferred or deleted. For the things that need to get done, prioritize them and write down the first step to move towards completion.
  4. Try a baby tomato (pomodoro in Italian) – no I’ve not lost all my marbles. Set your timer for 25 minutes, turn off all distractions and get to work. Check out www.pomodorotechnique.com for more info. Some great research to support working in small intense increments to get some serious $#!^ done!
  5. Just start! Bite off a wee morsel of that dreaded item on your ‘to do’ list. Have something that you’re really avoiding? Set a timer for 5 min and do SOMETHING, usually we find that once we get over the hurdle of starting we can exceed our expectations of what we thought we could accomplish.
  6. Eat the ‘Big Frog’ first – start with the biggest, most dreaded thing on your list, get that out of the way, once this is out of the way, the other wee, ‘tadpoles’ don’t seem so daunting.

Take it from me, the girl who started this blog with 10 minutes to go before a session with a client and is completing this on a Saturday evening (there may be some wine in hand – not all bad!), you’d be amazed what you can accomplish when you put some new tools into your productivity tool kit.

Reduce your stress this week and increase your productivity. Create the space in your life for what you really want…I may have fallen off the wagon, but I’m committing to get back on this week with you 🙂

Join me in the revolt against ADD

Pick one tool this week and let me know how it goes.

Want some help accomplishing more in less time to move towards a more amazing life and business? I’d love to help you. I offer complimentary sessions (with my pants pulled up:) ) call me!