Make 2015 the Year You Show Up

I had a ‘moment’ the other day.

By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there beforeA moment, which I happened to have, in front of what appeared to be a very serious group of eMBA alumni. I was asked to sit on a panel with two men from executive search firms and take questions about climbing the corporate ladder. I was thrilled with the opportunity. I was prepped and ready to answer most of the basic questions I expected…

Except when things went in an unexpected direction…

The moderator of the panel asked me about positivity in the workplace and how important that was…

That’s my sweet spot – my absolute, flat out JOYSPOT.

As soon as the microphone was handed to me, all I could hear was the angels sing and I couldn’t think clearly.

I can’t get enough of this topic – happiness, joy, positivity, whatever you want to call it and helping people create it is pure bliss for me.

I could spend days, weeks, ok a lifetime delving into what creates positivity for people and how to create it in workplaces; how it impacts performance, engagement, creativity, organizational health… it’s what makes my soul sing.

Sooo…with the microphone in hand, whilst the angels sang (probably something from Earth, Wind and Fire) I announce with every ounce of blind eyed passion-

“First of all, I’m a happiness freak!!!!!”

As soon as I said it – I couldn’t believe I said it; I rallied and went onto say that we called it positivity in corporations and spoke of its positive impact, but I was mortified at my authenticity.

Ever had one of those moments that you started talking about what you’re passionate about and you’re so filled with joy that you ‘explode’ on your audience? (Please tell me there’s at least one of you out there?! ☺)

The truth is – I AM a wee bit of a happiness freak or what my coach now affectionately calls me a “joy freak’ and it is a HUGE part of who I am and what I do.

Happiness is defined as the joy that we feel striving for our potential – that’s what I do – I help people move towards their potential.

I get to see people grow and flourish and bloom…for me, it’s the greatest “joy” on the planet.

I’m a happiness aficionado of sorts – I know that I may have announced it a wee bit differently so as not to scare the audience away, but it’s important to be true and I shouldn’t hide that, but sometimes I do ☹ and then the truth escapes

I’m giving myself permission to really show up and shine this year, will you join me?

As we enter 2015, what’s your truth?

What makes your heart sing?

What difference would you love to bring the world?
Be it big or small – start today, start in the next 5 min.

Be yourself…embrace all of whom you are and the gift you bring to the world.

Maybe it’s saying no to what’s not working for you any longer and saying yes to the life you really want to create.

If you were to be truly authentic, truer than true to you, what would you want to do, or be or have?

Start setting a wee goal to do one thing each day that would get you closer to really showing up this year.

Finish this sentence:

Wouldn’t it be great if…

If you make a huge long list and then pick the ones that lights you up ☺

I’d love to have a chance to delve into what you need to really show up this year and I have just the thing that can help change your life ☺ ( It’s a big promise – I know)

Want to delve into the life changing work of Brené Brown?

I’m offering a Daring Way™ course based on the work of Brené Brown and her incredible research on vulnerability and authenticity. If you haven’t heard of Brené Brown – check out her Ted talks at

In this workshop series you will walk away the skills to really “show up, be brave and be seen”, in all areas of your life. This program shows you what holds you back and how to overcome the messages that we are not enough to live the life we’ve dreamed of.

I’m happy to answer any question you might have ☺ – spots are limited, please let me know if you would like to attend asap.

The Daring Way™ program will run for 7 sessions, over 14 weeks in the Calgary Area

Times: Monday Jan 12, 7-9pm (every other week until April 6)
Or Tuesday Jan 13, 9:30-11:30 am (every other week until April 7)

Cost: $297.00, plus gst, bring a friend and get 20% off
Contact me to pay in instalments

Register and get more information here.

Love to have you join us!

In the meantime…may this year, be your year, may it be filled with a boat load of happiness and joy, birthed in your truth and what matters to you…the world needs you, don’t hide that from us.

With Joy~
Leona deVinne