Love it or Need it?

Happy New Year!!

Most of us come into a new year with the best of intentions to start something new or change something for the better…or maybe we’re just glad the holiday season is behind us and we’re bracing ourselves for the onslaught of bills or, like me, a combo of all three.

before and after deskWhatever the case may be the new year, if nothing else, often starts with the need to create some space for the new Xmas gifts and this often starts with a thorough purge.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a good purge. If I’m trying to avoid doing something you’ll often find me in a closet, getting ruthless or cleaning out my office.

This year I’m pretty cleared out, for the most part-although my kids will tell you I have an issue with a few things like, ahem, purses, shoes and throw cushions…I’ll save that for another blog we all have our blind spots…

This year it’s simple, I’m asking myself…”Do I love it or need it?”

That’s it.

I’m going through my life and pruning away everything I don’t love or need and it’s made a huge difference!

So often we look at the ‘stuff’ in our lives and think, ‘meh, I might want to wear that, or I will keep it, or what’s a $20 bank fee’…only to never use it, have it drain our energy and space, or use it so occasionally that it’s clutter more than anything.

So here’s the challenge…Clean up in 2014…pick any area of your life and think-Do I Love it or Need it?

Let me know what you end up getting rid of and what the impact is!

With Joy,

Leona deVinne