What mark will you leave?

make your mark on the worldOn August 8, 1992, my beloved Momma passed away. I was 22, had just become a mother (I know-crazy young 😉 ) and I experienced one of the greatest losses of my life.

This year I have been as long with her as I had been without her and I reflected back on what she had taught me in the time that she blessed me with her presence.

I posted a picture of her on Facebook and was astounded by the comments of people that barely had contact with her over the years, taking the time to comment on what an amazing person she was.

My mom, without knowing it, left an amazing legacy behind.

She left a legacy of joy, love, generosity and trust…

Anyone who knew her came face to face with her joy, she was simple and unassuming, but she enjoyed the sweet things in life that so many others overlooked. She hadn’t had an easy life – first brain tumor at 24 and told she only had a 10% chance of survival because of its location, but survive she did. She was always cheerful and smiling – always living life with her cup “half full”.

She went onto thrive; She had 10 more brain surgeries over the next 25 years. You wouldn’t have known of her suffering – she never talked about it, but focused on how grateful she was to be alive and raise her kids…

She showered those near her with love.

She never even nagged us about messy rooms or the crazy house that we created (there were 4 kids) or the work it took to cook the meals and do all the laundry – we never even had to help with any chores (I’m not suggesting that needs to part of the legacy you may want to leave 🙂 ).

She instead seemed to relish in us everyday – was thrilled to be around to raise us. She delighted in us, bathing us in love. I learned true love from her…

When I was 8, I had to say “goodbye” to her before a brain surgery. We did not know if she would live so my Dad marched us in there so say ‘good bye’. I was beyond distraught and she was so peaceful, as I had to be peeled off of her, she was so calm and reassured me that no matter what happened it would be ok, she believed in a caring God that had a plan in life or death – she was held in a place of trust in something bigger than herself…

She cared nothing of worldly wealth. In fact some years she gave away 30% of the family’s earnings to charity, which meant our family lived below the poverty line for a family of our size. We had no idea, we were always fed and so deeply cherished…life was so good.

So this year, I shed a tear for her shortened life of 49 years and the fact that my kids never got to know her, but I celebrated her…

I want to create a legacy like hers (mine, however, would include household chores for my kidlets 🙂 )

I want to leave a ‘mark’

This last week I found out that I have 2 brain tumors that are also part of her legacy that I literally inherited from her. I struggle – I don’t want these new ‘bits’.

One thing that has helped me to integrate them into my life, is that if I am open to carry on her legacy I am also willing to accept the parts that aren’t as easy a ‘pill to swallow’. I want to be a woman who spreads joy, loves deeply and lives a life rich in faith and trust…even when things are hard.

My mom, who seemingly knew nothing of how to create legacy or worldly success, certainly had a massive impact.

The touch of her life will be felt for generations to come because she lived a full life, focused on blessing others – that’s what really matters in the end.

Focus today on having an impact on the lives of those you encounter, to be a blessing, to make a difference, to make your mark…

Start each day with the thought of the mark you want to leave, the impact you desire to have and the legacy you want to create.

That’s time well spent

Leona deVinne

If you want some help clarifying and creating a life that will have the impact you so desire-drop me a note, I would love to connect 🙂

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