JOY – It’s Worth Spreading!

This week I celebrate my 45th B-day – I’m a B-day fanatic!

My inner 5 year old CAN NOT get enough of the delight of having a B-day (much to my children’s chagrin when I announced that this was my B-day ‘week’-insert rolling of eyes emoticon here ;))

Since joy ‘found’ me in the last few years I have decided to put some thought into what would bring me the most joy on my B-day – so last year I started what I call the Birthday Bonanza (check it out here) where I thought of fun things that I could do that brought me a boat load of joy – it was sooo great!

Most of the things that I did were about doing stuff for other people; as little surprises.

Oh my goodness!

Turns out this notion of doing for things for others is well supported by science as means of increasing happiness.

LOVE it when that happens and I’m not completely off my rocker (just a wee bit wobbly at times☺).

I was reminded of this notion of what we can do to inject some joy into those hard or humdrum days we have from time to time.

Talking to a friend last week, she told me of this trip she took and how lonely and disconnected she felt – the culture of this often glamorized European country was seemingly aloof and disengaged to its visitors – no smiles exchanged, no “hi, how are you?” when entering a store, no friendly conversations.

She told me that she bought an extra sandwich and gave it to a pan handler she walked past everyday and that was the most joy she felt for her entire trip.

We find happiness and create joy by what we do for others.

I read a research paper this week that when one spends money on themselves their happiness last for a certain period of time, when one spends money on another it is increased by 30% and lasts 30% longer for the giver – that’s a heck of a good deal!

Make it a surprise or do it for a stranger and it increases even more…

So here’s the challenge:

Join me in spreading joy.goofy-toe-socks

Help me celebrate my Birthday!

Do one random act of kindness for another …or more

(Do 5 in one day and you achieve the highest returns to increase happiness – result of yet another body of research ☺)

If you are at a loss of what to do – join my ‘joy movement”, as I celebrate my B-day.

I am collecting goofy/fun socks (women’s/men’s/children) to bring to various shelters in November to bring a smile to people’s faces amidst their struggles (Ronald McDonald House, Sheriff King, Inn from the Cold etc). You can mail them to me or drop them off on my porch if you’re in Calgary (email me or text me at 403-616-0440)

Let’s spread some joy!

Love to hear what you do to spread some joy and in the meantime increase yours-please share!

I want to collect as many socks as possible – pass this blog onto others that you think would like to join (if it’s something besides socks that you want to donate – I am happy with that – let’s get creative!)

Leona deVinne