I’m asking – will you?

Box of socks to be donatedIt’s that simple.

Ask for what you want.


Is it that easy? I don’t like asking. I like mind reading people that already know what I want, aren’t asking for and give me what I want – there it is. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

If only life was so simple. It’s clearly not.

I wasn’t brought up to ask for what I want. It was modelled for me to not take up a lot of space and be grateful for what I had – no need to ask for more.

If you asked for what you wanted at work, in your partnership, from your kids, what would you ask for now? (I’ve been asking for dishes to be put IN The DW for a while, not working out so well)

Even the smallest granted request can make the greatest shift. The courage to ask can even be transformational.

I met a group of colleagues a couple of weeks ago and asked for help (gulp!) and they did not boot me out of their fold – they were delighted to help and at some points were even overjoyed.

Made me wonder what if I hadn’t asked.

So I asked.

What did I ask?

I asked for help with my recently launched Sox in a Box Campaign where I am asking people to collect colourful new socks at their workplace, kid’s school, gym etc (host a box to collect them in and promote the cause) or donate $ to the Go Fund Me Campaign so I can buy goofy socks. ($50 buys close to 40 pairs of socks!)

Last week I did more asking – I emailed Ronald McDonald House and asked if they would like some donated Joy socks. I felt weird “hey want some goofy socks to give to people who are going through the heel some socks to bring a smile to their faces?”

I expected “hey L, you’re weird, this is not helping, good bye”

Instead I got am email back less than two hours later that they were thrilled with the idea, would include a pair of socks in every welcome packet for incoming guests and save some to give to guest on those exceptionally hard days.

Joy Socks donation to Ronald McDonald HouseThis was the first official donation from the Sox in a Box Campaign.

I dropped off 130 pairs of socks – they were thrilled! I got an email not even 2 hours later from someone that had received a pair and how drastically it had made her day and someone else let me know that they choked up twice as a result of getting the socks. Which made me cry ☺ . (Just got an email now that they’d like more for their 50 volunteers.)

What if we don’t ask for what we want? What are we risking losing out on?

Nothing is too much, too out there…

So I decided to take things further, put on some big girl joy socks and amping up my asks. Later in the week I sent a letter to the mayor along with a purple pair of socks from my online Joy Store, and to some other well known Calgarians asking for help. It felt odd to be doing this, but I thought if I don’t do this – nothing will ever happen.

Just ask

So I am. Will you?

I need your help. I have other charities lined up that want some beloved, donated Joy socks. I want to give them some, but I am low on donations. Would you help me collect new colourful/goofy socks in all shapes and sizes?

Or donate even a wee bit of cash to my gofundme campaign? (I’d love to go shopping for you!!) Contact me and I will give you the details on hosting a Joy Sock collecting box. I sure would love your help!

I can’t wait to see how many socks can be collected!!! (I will have a sponsor page on my website and yourself or your company will be listed there if you’d like)

I’d also LOVE to hear what you ask for and what difference it makes!!

Be brave my beloveds!

Check this out!

Love Brené Brown and want to dive more deeply into her work? Here’s a transformational workshop series she and her staff created based on her books and research.

This workshop series includes new material from Brené’s new book “Rising Strong” which just came out last week. Each session will include videos by Brené that are not available anywhere else. ☺ If you’ve seen her TED talks this is WAY better!

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The Daring Way Workshop series


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  • Ask for what you want and need
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I will also be doing a Daring Way Workshop series on Tuesday mornings, starting Sept 15-Dec 8 from 9:30-11:30, running every other week for a total of 7 sessions. NW location.

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Leona deVinne