I Do Not Have Ducks and They are Not in a Row

squirrels at a raveI have squirrels and they are at a rave.

I saw that saying on FB a couple of weeks ago and literally burst out laughing (LBOL).

That describes my brain and sadly my actions at times. I know I have a hard time sticking to one task. Maybe I’m normal, maybe I do actually have ADD, and at the very least I do think I have my own version of ADD – Adult Distraction Disorder.

I’m mildly concerned that I’ve damaged my brain from having too many balls in the air for a wee bit too long, or my brothers sticking a large can over my head and hitting it with a hammer when I was 4, or as a last resort I can always blame my brain tumours, which when you pull that card – no one messes with it ☺

Anyways – see, even there I seem to have gotten distracted.

SO many options and directions to be pulled in!
I hate feeling scattered and I’ve even taught classes on productivity, but we all fall off the wagon, so lately I have been trying to observe where I get off track.

I do things like; as soon as I am brushing my teeth, I attempt to put on my jewellery, or get dressed or last week – fold some clothes to tidy up my closet. Only when I slow down do I notice that I am not actually brushing my teeth AT ALL.


At this point you’re probably considering the brain damage option listed above, I’m with you, believe me.

I will start putting on my make up and decide to get dressed mid way, only to tidy a few things in my closet, while I’m half naked and then go put on earrings, answer an email, do my hair, put on a bracelet, go to my office, pull my client files for the day, realize I have half my make up on when I pass a mirror, put on water for tea, go back and complete makeup, go back down, forget water has been boiling, have a client call and get my day going…


I’m not going to beat myself up, I’m just observing after all (even though I do feel like bit of a nut job) I am choosing to laugh at my behaviour and learn from it as to what I need.

Your ducks may be so much more in a row than my raving, albeit it cheerful, squirrels, but I think we could all learn to be more effective in our behaviour and processes.

This is what I’m doing to at least have my squirrels start a reasonably good conga line at their dance party:

  1. SLOOOOOOW things down
  2. Gently Observe – your ‘rave’ might be going full speed ahead – that’s ok – no judgement
  3. Be open to try new things – you may need to experiment with what fits for you
  4. Be Intentional about building in new processes
  5. Complete small tasks before moving to the next one
  6. Get help if needed – I work with a coach that has a VERY good sense of humour and a gentle Squirrel loving demeanour and I’m hiring an assistant to brain storm where else the squirrels are hiding nuts in my office and businesses.

I am happy to report that I do literally have to tell myself not to do anything until my routine items are completed – you will no longer find me half dressed, with my make up half done and my hair done. Perhaps small steps, but it feels great.

Although I am still forgetting about my boiled water, I’m blaming that on my age ;).

Leona deVinne