Got an Umbrella?

What protects you in a storm?I hate rain – ruins the hair, wrecks the shoes…its not my thing – I bought an umbrella a couple of years ago, from the kids section, with flowers and butterflies on it to protect myself from the elements and the foul mood that rain brings me.

This week has been a ‘stormy’ one and yet I feel like I have been moving through its events protected somehow by an umbrella of grace.

As I reflected on the week I realize that the less one fights situations that are not controllable and surrenders to what it is – the burden oddly becomes lighter.

A belief can have a huge impact on how one views the world and how one interacts within that world as well.

I hold strongly to the belief that there is a reason for everything and that you’ll never be given more than you can handle – I trust that.

I rest my life in that.

You may feel overwhelmed, stretched, squished, but you won’t be snuffed out.

You will have whatever you need when you need it – often not much before and so often what feels like the nick of time – that’s Grace to me

Here’s my new life equation – the ‘essence’ of my umbrella; my protection.

Surrender + Trust = Grace

Grace is defined as undeserved favour – like an a gift of finding an umbrella on a rainy day.

This past week’s forecast was clear skies, looking so balanced and filled with clients and a variety of events…it was going to be great and it was, just different than I expected.

Monday I got a text that my Dad had a headache, went to the doc and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance – he’s 75 – thought they’d fix him up and send him home. Tuesday morning I woke up to the text that they saw metastasized cancer on his brain.

I got a text that eve from my son who also has a brain tumour, that he was having really terrible shooting pain in his head when he lifted things at work, something that his surgeon had said to watch out for and was a sign that his June brain surgery might need to be moved up…I started to feel overwhelmed.

Wednesday came and the diagnosis was in – my dad had the most aggressive form of brain cancer and we needed a family meeting to decide on treatment options. I finished my morning’s clients and drove for 3 hours to be with my family.

My son’s headache was dull that morning, so I thought I could get away over night.

It was not a drizzle of stress, it was heavy down pour, I called a friend to complain – yet I felt an odd peace.

Like an umbrella over me in a storm.

I was still getting ‘wet’ just not as bad as the storm appeared on the outside.

I get that people get cancer, my son’s brain tumours run in our family – I know those two realities, but to be struggling with those two realities in the same week?

My mind returned to my belief…

Everything happens for a reason.

There are no mistakes.

I will not be given more than I can handle.

I felt like I was moving under an Umbrella of Grace.

Made up of surrender and trust

The week was hard, beautiful and rich.

It seemed like it was ‘pouring’ all around me and my ‘job’ was to hold fast to the umbrella and not rush ahead into the storm that was brewing around me, but to be where I was, where my feet were, in every moment.

The important thing about an umbrella is to stay underneath it – if you run, it can’t keep you at all dry…so I really focused on being present.

What if you believed that whatever you are facing was not a mistake; that you would have exactly what you needed for whatever lies in your path, and you surrendered to what’s out of your control?

How might this set of beliefs provide a wee buffer for the storms that rage around you?

There’s an umbrella here for you too…

I’d love to hear about what keeps the rain off you in a storm – I’ll be here under my polka dotted umbrella, looking for a matching set of rubber boots ☺

Wherever you are, whatever you’re facing, grace be with you….

Leona deVinne

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