Gear down

Gear down when you're in stormy watersWe all experience it. Life is going full steam ahead and something happens unexpected and we get thrown for a loop. 

I have more on my plate right now than I’d like. It’s not sustainable and for someone who likes balance and spends a lot of time readjusting life and businesses, to feel like things are under manageable, I’m not living within integrity.

I’m working long hours and besides making some time for some family and love commitments I’m working every other moment. I’m sleeping horribly and not getting the rest I need.

So when you’re going 100 miles an hour and a wrench get’s thrown into the well laid plans what can we do to get back to what really matters? This week I had a few wrenches thrown my way…I bet you did too.

I liken it to being on a ship that’s out on the open; in stormy waters.

Focus on what really matters. 

The first matter of importance is to not keep the same frenetic pace.

Gear down.

You can’t decide or do much well going 100 miles an hour. You can’t even see what you’re surrounded with so you’ve got to gear down and look at what you’re dealing with.

Once you’ve slowed down enough to properly assess things, which can happen in a mere moment, or over a course of weeks, you need to decide what your priorities are.

Bottom line: what matters the most? That’s the direction you keep steering in. 

Next is what can you live without?

If your metaphorical boat is going down or hit the rocks -What is it that you don’t need?

Is there a boundary that you need to put in place or something that’s weighing you down and you need to throw overboard? 

After you’ve dropped some of the weight, take a look at the resources you do have. Given your priorities and your current circumstances what do you have that will support you where you need to go?

Finally you may need help. Is there something you could ask for that would make this rough patch easier so you can ride this out with greater ease? That may entail anything from contacting someone who will hear you out or sending out a full flare SOS call. 

Lastly trust. When all is said and done and your paddling back to shore; trust that you’ve got what it takes to push through whatever stormy water you find yourself in. 

You have what it takes. You may not know the course you’ll take or even exactly what you need, but you didn’t come this far to be dashed on the rocks and when you look off in the distance there’s many of us out there, finding our way and paddling right alongside you.

Leona deVinne