FUEL and PACE Programs

We help people become engaged and energized in every area of their lives, resulting in greater productivity, energy and vitality.

This program focuses on the specific challenges that women face…

With women accounting for 51% of the professional positions in business and finance and dominating in 13 of the 15 fastest growing job sectors, 55% of these women also report feeling burnt out and unengaged.

Accendo provides the essential tools for corporations to be able to help professional women become re-energized and reengaged in their jobs, resulting in increased productivity, greater job retention, all with an added sense of balance, ease and vitality.

We work with women who are running through life’s marathon, but at a sprinters pace. They’re tired, worn out and not even a well timed power bar and a walk break will help at this point!

Our FUEL and PACE programs give our clients the essential ingredients to become energized; fired up and passionate about where they’re going and what they can offer their companies so they can achieve success on every level.

The keys to helping women stay at the top of their game are captured in our new programs:

FUEL: Fulfilling – Unique – Energizing – Liberating

For those women, who at times feel like they’re personally or corporately running on fumes. So many balls in the air, so much on their plate (what is half this stuff anyways!?)They’re already exhausted and haven’t even gotten out of bed! This program holds the keys to becoming reenergized. The FUEL program identifies and addresses the energy drains and fills the ‘holes’ with the key nourishing elements that lead to success in every aspect of life. These unique energizing components are liberating, provide a sustainable surge in energy and lead to transformation that increases productivity while maintaining contagious vitality.

PACE: Purpose – Authenticity – Connection – Efficiency

The PACE program provides participants with the key components to loosen their laces and to add an increased sense of control, balance and freedom. Clients identify their purpose, live more authentically, connect more deeply with what energizes them and take action to make the changes as efficiently as possible. The effects are transformational, resulting in more balance, less stress and a distinct level of ease and increased self confidence.

After working with many successful women we have identified the solutions required to reenergize women and keep them jazzed up about their careers while balancing that with the other essential components of their lives. Women are intrinsically motivated by unique factors and we have taken all that into account with these programs- we haven’t missed a beat!

These programs can be offered in a number of formats from lunch and learns, workshops, group and individual coaching, all to meet the needs of your company and your budget.