freedomThat’s my word for 2017. I have set many a goal over the years and being a coach I have helped many set theirs. I find that the best goals are rooted in what you want the year to feel like and I want more freedom.

I’ve got an inner rogue 5 year old that loves to create and have fun and now a great deal of that fun and creation happens in one of my now three businesses, but with a lot of scattered activities, appointments and clients I feel scrambly (like 5 years olds do) and at some times resentful; mostly with myself and my inability to get it together.

So this year Freedom reigns!

Perhaps you want more of some thing – how does that change things up?

Don’t we all need some goals? This word or intention will serve as a foundation for the goals we make.

Here are some questions to get things started – write down the first things that pops into your head and give yourself permission to not edit answers at this point.

Answer the following questions:

1. What is the feeling or intention that you want for this year?

2. Now fill in the blank with your word/phrase/intention for the year.

3. What’s having more ____________________ feel like?

4. Who will you become with more ____________________?

5. What do you want to let go of in order to create more____________________?

6. What is it that will bring you more ______________________ this year?

7. What will you do with more_________________________?

8. What do you need to be more intentional about to create more____________________?

9. What would an ideal day be like with more_______________?

10. What will I do daily to have more ________________ in my life?



Put those key pieces into your schedule and in your calendar

What permission will you give yourself to honour this intention?

How will you celebrate the wee milestones along the way as you notice yourself living inline with this intention?

Use your word as a filter, on a daily basis, or when making decisions to be intentional about creating the life you want.

Is what I am doing creating more____________? What could I do in this situation to create more____________?

Now for a wee bit more fun:

What picture, symbol or totem will remind you of this intention for the year – put it on your desk, make it your screen saver – we all need reminders – remind yourself often of your intention for the year.

Pick a song that would help you to lock in this intention for the year – start your day with it, play it when you need a reminder – do what you need to make this the best year yet! Play it loud and proud!

The goals that have come out of setting my intention for creating more Freedom for the year are:

1. I will create more processes in my businesses to make things more automated and run more smoothly.

2. I will hire an assistant to help me with those processes and take over some mundane tasks that drag me down.

3. I will get up at 5 am, 4 days a week to get be able to meditate and journal for at least 30 min and do 45 min of work before I go to my exercise class.

4. Take a delicious 20 min nap on those days (nappers live longer and are more productive – I’m all in for that!)

5. I won’t book clients after 2 so my energy is at its best for them (with the exception of 2 clients that can’t meet earlier). I do my non profit work after 2 as it lights me up, but doesn’t require a lot of energy.

6. I will also find a Director of Volunteering and Director of Minutia for Joy Socks so I’m not bogged down in details (which quietly makes my skin feel like its peeling off).

7. Weekly, I will book full days with no clients or appointments so I can focus on business development and writing.

What will all of this give me?


What will that give me? Well, number one, JOY of course, but it will also make me more present with people, more productive, more creative and more energized and that’s just a start to the goodness that this “F” word will give me. I can’t wait!!!

So tell me – what’s your yummy, juicy word for the year?

Leona deVinne