find your flow

You can feel it, you’re working on something and you feel almost giddy, like the angels are singing, time passes and you hardly even notice.

That’s flow – Ya Baby! Loooove it!

For so many of us we wander and we wonder, we move in varying directions, trying to find that deeper meaning in our lives and how we fit into the world and what we uniquely can offer back.

In my own personal work and the work I do with my clients, ‘flow’ often comes down to connecting with our purpose in the world – it’s great when you feel in the ‘zone’ and you know you’re doing part of what you’re meant to be doing…

Too bad we don’t enter the world with a stamp on our forehead that says what our purpose is, but we can listen for its whispers.

One of the hints as to your purpose is when you can work on something, you feel passionate about it and you feel like the cool turtle in the movie, Finding Nemo – in the delicious stream of ‘flow’.

When do you feel that ‘flow’ in your life?

What are you doing?
What are you engaged in?
What, if you could do anything, would love to do it, and would even do it for free (if you could find some creative way to pay the bills)?

Notice ‘that’, that’s a key ingredient to really connecting to your purpose.

The beauty of this ‘flow’ place is that even though the ‘work’ here is not always easy there is something so deeply captivating. It’s like the best vacation spot; you can’t get enough of it.

I just signed up for a course with Berkeley about the science of Happiness – uh huh! That, for me is a wee slice of heaven. Ultimately I believe that part of my purpose is to help people redefine success and create a wildly successful life on their terms-and success ultimately has a feeling – that’s joy! A life well lived, freakishly fulfilling and living on purpose, with passion – yummo!

Last week, I ran out of my office, so crazy excited that I found this course and I could satisfy the research, sciency, part of my brain and my ‘joy’ fetish at the same time. I eagerly told my daughter and all she said was, “ya, that’s nice, Mom” Huh!? What?

This is MY flow – it lights me up, sets my hair on fire, makes my heart sign (and makes me sound like I’m about to belt out a chorus form the Sound of Music sound track) – that’s what living on purpose feels like and it’s different for everyone.

Here’s the gig, there’s nothing like living your life with intention and doing the ‘work’ you were meant to do.


Pay attention this week, when you feel so captivated by something you do that you wish you had more time to do it – that’s flow and that’s your purpose! Wooohooo! That’s a piece of why you’re here. Keep doing more of that!

Want more ‘flow’ in your life or business? Want to get out of a rut, blaze a new trail, feel what it’s like to have your hair light on fire? I would love to have a chat with you…I will bring my ‘ignitor’ tools to get this show on the road (and a fire extinguisher in case the hair burning gets out of hand) :). Lets chat! Whether it’s your corporation or your personal life, I’d love to help!


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