Finding Joy

You can’t buy it…

It’s easy to find, if you look for it 🙂

It’s JOY and it’s all around you every day.

I met my daughter for a little Friday night snack run at the local grocery store this weekend. When I met her, she had already started buying random snacks.

She was lugging around a basket with juice, watermelon, chips, dip and pepperoni sticks -she could barely carry the basket. I added a couple of things and the total came to $30. I said “that’s a lot for a few snacks” and she immediately responded “that’s not a lot for the price of joy”. Turned out that she was right…

She knows I’m a joy junkie and she may have said that to distract me from the fact that I just spend $30 on a few items that would be gone in one evening.

We didn’t ‘buy’ joy, but…

It was the beginning of the most delicious evening of hanging out, relaxing and being together.

pure joyAt one point she was lying on the couch with her feet on my lap – I took a picture – it captured a moment of bliss for me – pure joy.

These aren’t the sweet wee baby feet that make people eww and awe; these are my ‘baby’s’ feet and the fact that at 22, she still wants to be with me and puts her feet on my lap, brings me so much joy (as do my other two children – better give them a shout out – lest we cause mutiny on the family ship! lol)

Joy is really about noticing the small gifts that are present in so many moments and are so often overlooked.

I ran this morning with a dear friend and she said ‘this may sound stupid’ (clearly she forgot who she was talking to ;)). She went on to say ‘I had $2 left on a Starbucks gift card so after getting groceries, I went to Starbucks drive thru and got a coffee and it was amazing’ -she discovered joy in this often overlooked treat – yummo!!

I call discovering these moments ‘joy-spotting’

They don’t have to be huge things, just moments, that if you’re present, they fill you with joy.

They might look like…

  • Being fully available to have undistracted conversation with your child
  • Starting a project that you’ve been putting off
  • Savouring a morsel of food
  • Laughing whole heartedly at some goofy mistake you made
  • Clean sheets

The list goes on…you decide what gives you joy

You’ll know it when you spot it 🙂

Take some time and stop this week, seek out and relish in the joy spotting.

This is where the juiciness of life exists: in the small moments, that are treasured and celebrated.

I would love to hear where you “spotted” joy this past week – drop me a line!

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