Ever wear your skirt sideways?

If you’ve never worn a skirt, bear with me…

I left a meeting recently, with CEO of a large organization. I felt really good about our meeting. I articulated myself well and the response was positive. However when I left his office I realized my skirt was on sideways…yup…so pro and so me 🙂

embrace imperfection

Thankfully I laughed to myself, hoping he didn’t notice. It reminded me of the time I arrived at the beach, pulled down my board shorts, only to feel a breeze on my ‘cheeks’, realizing quickly I had forgotten to put my bikini bottoms on and I had mooned everyone behind me.

I’ve been exposed (in this case literally) and the secret is out-I’m so not perfect and I can’t escape!

Sometimes I can laugh, but often, especially in my business, I take myself far too seriously and it holds me back. I want to appear like I have it all together- Perfectly poised, come up with the right answers, don’t trip over my words…well the truth is I don’t have it all together and I’m trying not to let that hold me back.

I started blogging recently and I felt like when my first one was sent out that I was so vulnerable, rather naked, in a way. It felt like a big deal to write about something and send it out with the hopes that someone would read it.

After my last blog went out a my friend told me that it contained a spelling error-
WHAT?? A spelling error?! AHHHHH! I actually wanted to sink down in my seat lest someone recognize me. My imperfection was public!

My gremlins came out and started beating me to death and I joined them in full force.
“You’re a fool, an idiot, and you’ve known this for a long time-but now everyone KNOWS! Your kids will probably disown you, your man will leave you, you might as well close up shop and find a remote island to live on”. That may be a slight exaggeration ;), but you get the point-shame sucks and I felt ashamed.

I make it sound like I send my blog to 10 million people, which I clearly don’t, but I expected people to ‘unsubscribe’ and start sending hate mail, pointing fingers-“The cat was out of the bag, its official, I’m not enough”.

Ever had that happen to you? It could be big or small but the thoughts in your head are the same, just more amplified and long lasting at times.

I am far from perfect-I wear my clothes sideways and I don’t always spell perfectly and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

That imperfect truth that we try to hide and keep under wraps, saps precious energy and keeps us from playing a bigger game.

All is not lost…the key is not to run, but to turn towards the imperfection and embrace it. Laugh off the little stuff and if we fall flat on our face, celebrate the fact that we tried, learn from it and keep moving forward.

When we really show up in the world we risk greater exposure of our imperfections. The more we embrace, even expose our imperfections and realize we’re all just doing our best, we give people around us the permission to show up fully, risking failure or better yet radically accepting the beauty that we all possess.

It’s all part of the gift we bring to the world, even if it means we wear our clothes sideways, some days, or moon half a beach filled with people.

Has the perfection ideal been holding you back from taking risks and really showing up in your life and business?

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