Courage, Fear and Vulnerability walk into a bar

Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courageThey order a drink; Fear orders two doubles

They start discussing an upcoming event and they talk about what’s going on for each of them.

Vulnerability says “I don’t like the looks of this, we’re going to be exposed, people will really ‘see’ us”

Fear says with such eloquence “Are you KIDDING me?! There’s no freakin way I’m doing this!”

Courage says “We’re doing this”

Fear and Vulnerability are cousins, they’ve grown up together, they’ve grown closer over the years and they whisper back and forth A LOT, especially in stressful circumstances.

Fear’s the less complex of the two – it sniffs out what it perceives to be dangerous from miles away and tries to get the ‘group’ to turn back.

It’s not dynamic, it doesn’t explore, it says “turn back, RUUUN!”

Vulnerability has some of Fear’s DNA, they are related after all, it knows Fear, but moves ahead, checks things out and sees that if one is to forge ahead, try something out, create something, it’s risking something.

It’s risking really and truly being seen. It’s risking flat out butt baring nakedness, of someone seeing the truth, unhidden and that’s scary.

Courage comes alongside the two and says, “this feels scary, this is risky, but let’s do this.”

Courage is not the lack of fear or feeling vulnerable, but it says to its ‘buddies’, “I know you two, but lets do this anyways.” GULP

Courage doesn’t wipe out fear, and true courage allows us to be vulnerable and despite of Fear’s Armageddon messages, recognize it, embrace it to say “this feels so hard, but I’m going to do this, not without you, but with you both.”

I tell so many of my people how courageous they are. The comeback is 99.9% of the time, I don’t feel courageous, I feel terrified, or afraid or sad…

Brené Brown, a vulnerability researcher says “you can chose courage or you can chose comfort, but you can’t have both”

The truth is vulnerability is the birthplace of intimacy, true connection, creativity, and innovation.

Vulnerability; exposing our own uniqueness, allows us to create something: launch a new business, perform a song in front of a live audience (I’ll take a double shot please), publish a blog, tell someone you love them or put a boundary in place, hold someone’s hand when they’re suffering… that also takes flat out, unbridled courage.

Sometimes courage is facing the cards that we’ve been dealt: a parent dying, a child with cancer, a car accident.

Courage might be a simple and as hard as putting one foot in front of the other, when the load seems too much to bear.

Courage is getting up with your kids when you’ve just had a miscarriage the day before and your heart is broken and you take breaks to cry.

Courage is reaching out for help and letting others know that you’re terrified after a recent health diagnosis.

That’s where courage and vulnerability ‘hook up’.

Courage is complex and beautiful…courage is admirable and breathtaking.

Courage is you.

You have it in you to allow yourself to be seen, to really show up in all areas of your life
and to truly live brave

What are you afraid of, right now?

What would you do if you weren’t doing ‘shots’ with Fear?

What would you ask for?

What boundary would you put in place?

What part of your “story’ would you embrace?

What would you create and put into the world?

I work with and love courageous, vulnerable, fearful, beautiful, delicious people…

Thank you for being part of my journey.

We’re in this together – take Courage, Fear and vulnerability for a drink this week

Decide how you really want to live and what you want to create with this one precious

If you want to chat – drop me a line. I’ll be sitting at the bar with the trio I know so well…

Leona deVinne