Carpe Diem a Little Deeper Darlin’

Squeeze the DayMost of the time that saying has had little impact on my life

It’s more like “ya, ya I am and I’m busy – doing my best”

When my former coach read my blog where I mentioned I found out I have brain tumors, she sent me an email and said “perhaps a gentle reminder to Carpe Diem a little deeper” it really hit me…

First off because she is currently in her own battle with stage 4 cancers (check out her blog at

After overcoming terminal cancer over a decade ago she began to transform her life to really “carpe diem”

She has modelled that so beautifully and part of her legacy lives on in my life

What would it look like if you were really to live each day and really seize it?

‘Squeeeeeze’ every last juicy drop out of each and every day?

Would you make some changes?

Are there some bits that you would get rid of?

Are you living a life that is filled with what really brings you joy and a deeper sense of meaning?

What’s the first thing you would get rid of if you could wave a magic wand over your life?

I don’t have a wand (if I did, it would spread sprinkles sparkles of joy on everyone- 🙂 – I digress – I really love sparkles)

My honey calls my brain tumors “my bits” and another larger thyroid tumor I also got recently diagnosed with “my buddy” and often asks me how my “bits” and my “buddy” are.

So when a friend asked me recently how I am handling all this I said “I’m using my bits and my buddy to create some serious boundaries around what I want in my life”

I said it with joy and determination because it’s a real opportunity to do things differently

I want more free time, I want to support my health and not put my latest ‘additions’ on the fast track to growth.

I have been making some big, at times scary, changes in my life to create the life I really want…

Will you join me?

What do you want?

What do you want more of in your life?

If you were to squeeze every last drop of juicy goodness out of every day, what would the ‘pits’ be that you’d get rid of?

Those things that grind in your teeth and have a bitter after taste…you know the things that weigh on you…

You only get one chance, life is precious.

Live it life as if it is exactly that – a gift, a precious gift meant to be honoured and not squandered.

If you’re up for the challenge – let me know what you’re changing to live the life that you create; you design, I would be head over heels happy to hear from you!

Leona deVinne

Want help getting more out of life? I can help you with either coaching or facilitating a workshop. You give me the ingredients that you’d like to include and I can cook up a custom made, delicious recipe that will help change the way you live and work 🙂