Accessing Joy

Not something we talk about in everyday conversation (unless you live at my house 🙂 ), but recently I got injured and woke up with a really sore leg and had a hard time walking. I was not impressed! I work out almost every day and I could hardly move, I felt my spirits take a nose dive and I was sliding down the slope toward unhappiness (cue melodramatic background music ;))

The only measure of success is the amount of joy we are feelingHow could I access joy in this moment?
Who even thinks these things – well ‘joy’ is my juice so I might as well see where it was hiding.
I thought, ‘well – at least I can walk’
Whatever… I’m not an idiot, I could hardly move and I had shooting pain up my back as well.

Ok, next…
‘I can feel my leg’
Duh! Well most people can, so how is this helpful?!
As a smile came over my face…I felt joy creep in – yum!

See, I have 2 spinal tumors and I thought if they were acting up I would have a hard time even feeling my legs, never mind walk, I had pain that would go away sans surgery! Uh huh – yay!
That was it! I thought about what I did have, not what I didn’t
When you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, caught in the mire of overwhelm


Just for a minute
Ask yourself – “What’s one thing I’m grateful for in this moment?”
That’s how you open the door, even a crack, and let the joy creep in.
It may not transform everything, but it will help you breathe a little easier, be present and may give you just enough to push ahead through whatever obstacle that you’re facing.

So try it…next time you’re feeling grumpy, overwhelmed, pissed off…
Find one thing to be grateful for and let a wee bit of joy shine into that dark moment.
Try it…I double dog dare you! (Sorry that may be left over from my stint at university in Mississippi:)-lol)
Seriously! I would love to hear about your journey towards more joy…share it with me 🙂

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