Leona deVinne CPCC, ACC

Leona deVinneLeona deVinne, Chief Joy Injector at Accendo Consulting and Sock Broker at joysocks.ca knows what it is to have a seemingly successful life but at the same time be unfulfilled. After recently being diagnosed with three brain tumours she’s realized even more the preciousness of life and that joy is the fuel we need to keep moving on the tough days and to continually pursue a life of meaning and purpose.

Joy is found in the simplest of moments and also experienced when one lives from a deeply rooted place of living on purpose. In her professional life, as a coach and consultant, she is committed to helping people design lives and businesses from that rich place. Most people can make money, not all are able to create a life that’s truly rich and at the same time gives back.

With over 20 years of business experience and her professional coaching certification, Leona works with both individuals and teams to help them achieve the highest levels of success.

She’s not one to hold back. She’s know for her bold approach, quick whit combined with her deep desire to help people both personally and professionally live lives that light them up and have an impact.

She provides coaching and consulting services as well as custom designed workshops and speaks on a variety of topics.

In her spare time she honours her love for goofy socks, which she calls ‘Joy Socks’. She started giving them away for fun and to people that were struggling; to give them a reason to smile, knowing that they mattered and to be grounded in the moment. After starting an online sock store, where she gives the profits to charity, she now collects new goofy socks and money to purchase fun socks to give to various charities where people could use a glimpse of joy, to lighten their load, amidst their struggles. People have cried upon receiving their joy socks…the response has been overwhelming. www.soxinabox.ca

Recently she’s decided to increase her joy spreading efforts by starting the Joy Foundation where she eventually hopes to help others by providing the means for them to get an education, start a business, and pay for healthcare bills, etc. where they might not otherwise have the means.